21 January 2009

party at the corona theatre

My first corporate photo gig was last Sunday, at the amazing Corona Theatre in St-Henri (a cute neighbourhood just south-west of downtown that we almost moved to). The staff of Chapters/Indigo/Coles rented a red carpet and velvet ropes for this old Hollywood themed party, and I got to surprise people, paparazzi-style, as they entered. I also got to try out my new flash, along with the coolest invention ever.

I collaborated with the tech guy throughout the night, and uploaded my photos several times during the party. They were then projected onto a giant screen at the front of the theatre as a form of decor and entertainment. It was kind of scary, having all my photos immediately displayed without time for any editing, but the reaction was very positive. After the first sequence of photos went up, even the wallflowers were parading in front of me, asking me to take their photos next. A good sign, I think.

Dressed formally myself, and taking full advantage of the chocolate fountain, I in no way felt like I was working. I just freaking love photography. Schmoozing and working with strangers, capturing fun and awkward moments alike, and giving them a final product that makes them happy—that's what it's all about for me.

And, since I opted to be paid by gift certificate, I now have a sizable sum of money to spend, guilt-free, on books!

Some fun photos from the night:


Leslie said...

Awesome shots, what fun, lighting is excellent. Congrats Girlie!

Jess said...

That's awesome, Dallas! Congrats on the amazing shots and your first corporate gig!

Jenn said...

Betty Draper makes me want to smoke. And is less exciting on Twitter than I'd hoped.

Dallas said...

Betty draper is a total babe, did you add her or "bad betty draper" to twitter?