13 January 2009

working in the 21st century

Since I have been (until recently) entrenched in a job hunt, I have become kind of obsessed with the process of searching for a job. What's the best way to do it? What are the new ways to do it? What is the least painful way to do it?

How do you get experience without having any? There's a copious amount of job hunting tips online, but I had trouble finding anything written by anyone from Gen Y. So much of what's out there seems outdated, and the job search methods seem inefficient and uninspired.

I plan to re-visit this topic over the next few months, as it's something so many of us are facing, and I would really like to help get some useful information out there. One resource that is pretty cool is an e-book written by my friend, Dev and his company, DreamNow. Titled Occupation: Change the World, it asks, "How do you make money and change the world?" I would recommend it for anyone with an interest in social entrepreneurship, or anyone who wants to learn more about what options are out there.

I'm volunteering with Youth Employment Services (YES) Montreal in the planning of a "Working in the 21st Century" conference, that is aimed at people aged 16-24. We've been working on coming up with ideas for relevant and interesting workshops. Myself and the rest of the group (most of whom are in their teens) are racking our brains to think of what people want/need to know as they think about their futures.

You'd think we would know what the kids these days should care about, but it's hard to know what we should know. If we knew already, then what use would this conference be to our generation.

If you were going to a conference that could answer all your questions about the working world, what kind of workshops would you want to see? So far, topics include: why entrepreneurship is Canada's hottest career choice, how to fast-track your career, networking, how to choose a socially responsible company, and the intergenerational workplace.

What kind of topics or info would make you want to go to this conference?

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