20 January 2009

je suis sortie

Bonjour mes lecteurs et lectrices! J'étais absente, mais après aujourd'hui il y aura plus de temps pour blogging.

I have decided to drop out of my nighttime french writing class for now, as 8+ hours of class plus hours of homework in addition to a brand new job is proving to be a little much for the old cranium. Actually, it's more the constant sitting that I can't handle. So, until I get into the rhythm of working (and getting my photography business up-and-running, and becoming a Quebec resident, and fixing my computer blah blah blah), I am a night school drop-out.

Which means, however, that I will have more time to come here and write. It's going to be a bit of a challenge, getting myself to type and be creative after typing and trying to be creative all day. I promise you my best effort. My career counsellor, Ellen, told me 2009 is going to be my year. Although it's highly likely that she said that to all her clients, I am going to pretend she only said it to me.

I want this year to be fabulous, so I am starting by defining what fabulous is for me. Honestly, I am so relieved to have graduated, to be working, and to have an album on the go, that I am apt to say the status quo ain't bad.

But now is never enough, is it?

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