03 February 2009

l'oreal double extension beauty tubes mascara

Damn. I was excited for this one. After significant miscommunication between FedEx and I, this package from Matchstick finally arrived at my door. The package of makeup was generous and fun. The featured product, being l'oreal double extension beauty tubes mascara, was a major disappointment.

To test out the kit, I wiped off all my makeup to start fresh.

I then applied the liquid eyeliner and smokey eyes eyeshadow quad, which both went on smoothly and with surprisingly rich pigmentation. The eyeliner (in carbon black) was especially nice. I used the little brush set that came in the kit, which was cute and effective.

I then applied the white base coat, which is meant to lengthen and build the lashes. So far, so good. The problem arose when I pulled out the wand for the mascara and saw that it was covered in black chunks.

Despite the odd appearance, I tried applying it on my lashes anyways, none stuck. Instead, it just fell to floor in chunks.

As I paused to take photos, the base coat started stinging my eyes. My eyes are not normally sensitive, so this was troubling.

I tried again to apply the mascara, but it just wasn't working, unfortunately.

I can't imagine that this is the intended texture of the mascara, but I tried both tubes and they both were very chunky. My guess would be that in the transportation process (which was lenghty, due to the mix-ups) the temperature changes affected the consistency. That is the only explanation I can think of.

Final review: eyeshadow, eyeliner and brushes: good. Mascara: unfortunately terrible (but may or may not have been damaged in transport).


Erin said...

I did the same trial, and took nearly identical photos, haha. So...get ready for a very familiar looking post on my blog. :)

I heard that the mascara clumps if it is frozen in transit - mine actually works really well, if I put it on carefully. Though washing it off is weird...

The Vancouverista said...

ditto to the above comment
i had the same experience with this stuff