02 February 2009

trickled down tricks of the trade


My cousin Tara is an amazingly talented photographer, and she's further honing her craft in Seneca College's Independent Digital Photography program. I've been meaning to post about her work for months now, so here it is, finally. She did a series called "Vampires" and had the final project published in a gorgeous book.

For a peek at the series, look here.

Over the holidays, she showed me a couple photoshop tricks for making people look, well, undead. And yes, I am that obsessed with photography that I beg my cousin to teach me things in between Christmas dinner and dessert. Here's my first attempt at creepifying a model (another cousin, Sam).

Thanks, Tara, for your help. I can't wait to see what you work on next, and I just may beg you to teach me a little something else.


Tara said...

Wow I was featured in your blog!
I feel so special. :)
I always check here regularly to see what you've been up to, and how surprised was I to see my face up here!
Thanks so much!
I definately have some new ideas brewing in my head for the weeks to come, and I'll definately be willing to teach you anything you'd like to know!

Dallas said...

Yay! I am so proud of you and your work. Maybe you and I could team up one day in the future?

Tara said...

Sounds awesome!
I'd definately be up for that!