24 February 2009

the office

This is my boss: Montreal's coolest Italian-Canadian, rockabilly chef/author/comedienne, Nadia G. I know it's not usually kosher to blog about one's work, but seeing as I work in social media, and considering that I'm a pretty big fan of my job, I figure it can't hurt to share this with you (just this once).

Last week we hosted a book signing for Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen cookbook here in Montreal. The night was awesome: great readings and musical performances, lots of free food and drink (which y'all better b'leive I indulged in), and many feisty Italian relatives abound.

Promoting this book, the web and mobile tv series its based on, and the upcoming lifestyle website (will let you know when it's launching, but should be within a few days), is what my job entails. Not bad at all!