02 March 2009

update: l'oreal double extend mascara

After reading my confused and disappointed review of the L'Oreal beauty tubes mascara, Matchstick sent me a whole new package.

This time the mascara was definitely working properly. The mascara slid over the base coat quickly and easily, and seriously extended my lashes. This product honestly gives the best results in terms of length, of all the mascaras I've tried. It also maintains the curl of the lashes for much longer than other products.

I would call this mascara a special occasion product, like Smashbox Photo Finish, as its results are quite dramatic...but I'm actually kind of addicted to it. In fact, my other mascaras just don't seem to have enough oomph in comparison.

The best part (because I'm a weirdo) is watching the "tubes" come off when you wash your face. I actually look forward to getting ready for bed, because I get to feel the bizarre effect of gently pulling what are essentially fake eyelashes off, and watching them wash down the drain. TMI? But, seriously, it's really fun.

In case you're interested in giving it a try, the coupon above gives you a bit of a discount.

Also "Matchstick is looking for feedback from anyone who may have seen my posting regardind L’Oreal Beauty Tubes. If you click on the link below and complete the survey, you will be helping them by donating $2.00 to Shelternet, so please Click Here to take their short feedback survey.

For every survey that is completed, Matchstick will make a $2 donation to Shelternet (, which is a Web-based Women and Children’s Crisis Support Center that provides aid and financial support to locally based women’s shelters across Canada.

Your time and feedback is greatly appreciated"


Question Mark said...

Man, I need to try this for one of my movie reviews. "Hello? Universal? Benjamin Button stunk. Send me a new movie, please."

Dallas said...

Oh, snap! Yeah, that would be awesome. I would love to get my money back for Powder in the mid-nineties!.