09 March 2009

why every man in vermont has a beard

Getting out of the city for a breath of fresh, mountain air is oh-so necessary at the end of this winter that seems to go on and on and on and on...

Ventured to Jay Peak, Vermont this past weekend, for an incredibly affordable ski day. The day started off even better than expected, when I got a freshly-baked maple walnut cookie with my lift ticket.

The coolest part for me was the crazy difference between the sunny, gorgeous temperatures at the bottom of the mountain and the sub-zero, apocalyptic storm at its summit. A 5-minute ski lift ride felt like intergalactic travel. The weather changed steadily throughout the day, which was pretty cool.

In terms of the people, I have never seen more facial hair in my life. I even saw one man with what must have been the world's bushiest eyebrows. They were out of this world. I find it odd how Vermont is perceived as the arctic of the U.S, and how men seem to have genetically evolved to have crazy facial hair to survive the comparatively harsh climate. I have only been to Vermont four times, but every visit has been marked by ubiquitous beards and wool sweaters, and more maple syrup paraphernalia than I've ever seen up here north of the border.

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