27 May 2009


Photobucket Our balcony is resembling a tree house more and more each day. Sitting out there, wine or chocolate in hand, is quickly becoming an instant escape from the rush of city life.


Erin said...

So lovely! And makes me super jealous, last post was about how cramped and perpetually dusty my hellish apartment is.

Love the stained glass, too! Reminds me of my childhood home.

Dallas said...

Thank you! Our old place was very cramped and dusty too. I feel really lucky that we found this place. One step at a time, right? As weird as it may sound, having a small, dusty space now will make you appreciate your next place so much more.

Just Linds said...

This is absolutely beautiful! you are a very lucky lady. It's truly stunning and very inspiring!

natalie said...

what a gorgeous balcony! i'm so jealous.

as much as i love my apartment, the one thing it seriously lacks is any form of outdoor space. i guess that's why city planners invented parks, right?

Dallas said...

Definitely. Hopefully you live close to a nice one. Parks are my favourite place to be in the summer.