03 June 2009

bachelorettes and brides-to-be


So the moment has arrived. My first friend to get married is taking the plunge in 9 days. And so it begins. It makes sense that Kaitlin breaks the marital ice, I suppose. She's traditional, dreamy, and she just looks like a bride... if that makes sense(?)




Rings are popping up on other fingers, dates are being set, and the rest of us enjoy the oh-so-necessary bubbly, over-the-top girliness, and the emotional ride with our friends. Any excuse to eat pastel-coloured cookies and I'm there!


I was so touched when Kait asked me to be her wedding photographer, so I used last weekend's bachelorette party as an excuse to get warmed up.


But seriously, how gorgeous is she?



Leslie said...

What a beautiful bride to be. Looks like a great girls night!

Jenn said...

I know what you mean, some women just look like brides. Kate is very beautiful!

Just Linds said...

wow, these are fantastic. it seems like such a short amount of time has passed since highschool... and yet it feels a lifetime ago. i know your pics will turn out beautiful little lady, they always have. and kate will be an easy subject :) congrats to her!

Dallas said...

Thanks, guys.

Linds, you're right: time really flies but it does seem like just yesterday we were organizing prom (eek, the drama!). Thanks for the vote of confidence. I am so excited for this :)