23 September 2009

comfort zone

Leaving one's cushy old comfort zone is, frankly, very uncomfortable. You never feel like you know what you're doing, if you're saying the right thing, or heading in the right direction. Sure, it's mildly thrilling, but it's mostly just terrifying.

My way of dealing with the resulting uneasiness and self-doubt is simple: suck it up and make a comfort zone kit.

Right now, my anxiety-fighting arsenal consists of

- Kusmi Tea in Violet
- apple crisp
- bookstore wandering
- fleece sheets on my bed
- a couple of well-chosen curse words*

What's in yours?

*especially when I've forgotten my wallet or lost the keys to my bike lock or printed 200 copies of my band's cd cover with a typo


Dustjacket Attic said...

Ha ha loved the last one, yeah me too.

I just bunker down with a good dvd and some yummies and wine.

Jess said...

1. Harassing the cat
2. Stephen Colbert
3. Kusmi tea in chocolate (from a good friend!)

Dallas said...


Leslie said...

chatting with my beautiful daughter

Anonymous said...

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