13 January 2010

review: gosh cosmetics extreme art eye liner

This week I tested GOSH Cosmetics Extreme Art Eyeliner. Using them marked the beginning of beautiful cosmetics relationship.

Why I love them:

  1. Each one of the great palette of colours is amazingly vibrant

  2. They look great on all skin tones

  3. They're semi-permanent and waterproof, so they last all day

  4. They dry quickly and set well

  5. Can also be used with a coat of clear top coat for nail art

I suggest you try the particularly colour-saturated Green Grass or Deep Sea for special occasions and the slightly more subtle and very elegant Orange Art or Gold Art for daytime. Available at Shoppers Drug Mart across Canada (or Pharmaprix here in Quebec).


Erin said...

I love these last few posts! I need dry shampoo stat and can NEVER find a good, affordable one...I actually grew out my bangs because I was sick of baby-powdering them in desperation. So sad, haha.

Also: love the vibrant liners, and good to know that they seal well - I always buy creamy shadows and liners and are super disappointed when they inevitably crease, fade and smear all over my face. Not a good look.

Next, find me an amazing shine powder that won't clog my pores?? Haha, thanks...

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh have not heard of these! Look great.

re comment, lucky gal, I just love that scenery, wish I was there now.