08 January 2010

review: kms hairplay makeover spray

Until recently, I'd sworn off bangs entirely. Every time I tried to rock them, I would be appalled by photos of me with combover-esque cowlicks and greasy, stringy fringe, I had resigned myself to the sad fact that bangs would never work for me. That was before I discovered dry shampoo.

Anyone who's had bangs knows that small section of hair gets dirty way before the rest of the head does. No matter how clean the rest of one's hair is, greasy bangs can make a girl look like a pubescent athlete post-gym class.

Dry shampoo is the solution!

Back in November, I posted about Cake Beauty's Satin Sugar Hair & Body Refreshing Powder.

Since I was travelling almost every day over the holidays and not having access to showers, blowdriers, and flat irons, I purchased KMS Hairplay Makeover Spray and was thrilled with the results. I can go from looking haggard to fresh in 5 seconds with this stuff.

Costs approximately $18. I'm still on the hunt for a cheaper dry shampoo (since it looks like I'll be using bottles of it), but this one is worth the investment.


paiiige said...

i SURVIVE off dry shampoo... try to find Batiste at a local Shoppers though. it's better than KMS (which i've used and do like the smell of, but it doesn't work as well!) and only $9 a bottle!

Dallas said...

Nice! Thanks for the suggestion. I'm totally on the hunt for a cheaper brand.

Kate said...

I'm writing tons of stuff on dry shampoos! Everyone is coming out with them.
Try Klorane- apparently widely available in Quebec but not elsewhere and it's Karl Lagerfeld's dry shampoo of choice! But may work better on blonds. Or Frederic Fekkai's! I like his but tend to overdo it so be careful. A lot comes out when you shake it. Perfect for bangs.

Dallas said...

Thanks, Kate! I have been trying to find that stuff like crazy after reading about it through your blog. In fact, I looked today and couldn't find it. The Klorane line in general is really great though. I use the colour binding shampoo and it has kept my red dye in for waaaay longer than it would have stayed on its own.

Sarah said...

I have recently tried the KMS Hairplay makeover and yes it is going to be costly... My hair is thin and tends to get oily mid day but this stuff is the only thing so far that works... Any other suggestions? Oh and fyi the Kevin Murphey "Fresh Hair" is terrible!!!