14 February 2010

my valentine

Photobucket Today is our 6th (!) Valentine's day together. That's right, this man still loves me despite being forced (literally, pushed) to stand still and pretend he doesn't hate being in photos.

Having a photography-obsessed girlfriend is not easy, especially when she begs you to go for long walks, and pose on strange machinery in an alley in the bitter cold when all you want to do is go watch the Olympics while eating some kind of meat.

But his patience during my flights of fancy (and his swift action when said flights almost cause me to walk in front of moving vehicles) is the most romantic thing a girl could ask for.


Erin said...

Very sweet! I still remember that New Years Eve in Owen Sound, and your drunken phone call to Brian after midnight...and then the sound of puking in the morning. Such very loud puking.

Naturally, you got together with Brian shortly after, and I eventually married the puker. And all is right in the world.

Dallas said...