11 February 2010

review: nuxe crème fraîche

This is the good stuff, folks.

I decided to spring for a slightly more pricey cream. I normally try to stay in the < $20 range when it comes to moisturizer, but my winter-ravaged skin was screaming out (read: flaking and swelling and turning red) for something more potent.

After a lengthy consultation with the cosmetician, I decided on Crème Fraîche by Nuxe. Formulated for dry and very dry skin, this cream lives up to its claim to moisturize for 24 hours. If I put it on before bed, I can skip moisturizing the next morning and my skin still feels great all day.

It's all-natural, paraben free, and packed full of plant milks, saps, and essential oils. I love the way it just soaks into my skin, soothing instantly. After just over a week of using it, I notice a huge difference in the quality of my complexion.

It's about $35, which is a few levels up from my usual Oil of Olay or La Roche-Posay favourites, but my skin is forcing me to have more expensive taste.

I would highly recommend Crème Fraîche as a salve for anyone who suffers from painfully dry and red skin, especially in the winter.


Dustjacket Attic said...

Sounds fabulous, I like that is natural.

thanks for the tip,

Cheap Cosmetics said...
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Erin said...

Does it clog your pores at all? My problem is dry skin that needs a super-rich lotion as not to flake and go red, but if I go too rich, I break out somewhat. And I'm too old for this breaking-out shit.

Am currently using Aveeno and I like it - I reapply it before bed and sometimes midday, though, depending on how often I'm out in the cold air. Once a day would be nice...

Dallas said...

Aveeno is really nice and rich too. I used to buy a big bottle of it from Costco and it would last me all year. I found that one to be a bit too greasy for the face, though.

No, I definitely don't find that Nuxe clogs the pores. I gave up on 2 of Kiehls' creams for that exact reason. This one sinks in and moisturizes well, but I haven't seen any negative effects.