08 March 2010

dallas curow photography - new bio


I've got a brand new bio, compliments of the incredible Laura Roberts.

Photographer Dallas Curow loves meeting new people, so it's only natural that one of her specialities involves shooting inspired portraits. Whether she's committing Canadian musicians' quirky personalities to film, or helping an ordinary woman feel like a glamour queen, Curow knows that great photography is all about reflecting her subjects' unique sparks.

This, of course, takes a bit of planning. Ideas will often bounce between the artist and her subject, and back again, ping-ponging over favourite colours, photos, obsessions, passions and the wildest of ideas. Creative inspiration flows easily between Dallas and her clients, and she loves creating full packages that will encompass each person's true essence. This collaborative approach allows Curow's clients to fully participate in the creation of their shoot's rules and realities, resulting in uniquely personal head-shots, portraits, and group photos.

In addition to her studio-driven portraits, Curow is also drawn to editorial and event photography, stalking intimate moments and capturing personal revelations in the wild. If a photo could truly distill a thousand words into a single image, you'd find one of Dallas Curow's photos in your frame. Tall tales are told with each click of her camera's shutter, and whether you've just met or have had the pleasure of becoming old friends, you'll find she's an adept storyteller with a keen eye for human drama as well as happy endings.

In other news, one of my cameras was recently stolen. I'm planning to do marathon photo session days in both Montreal and Toronto to help raise funds to replace it. If you're interested in portraits at a discounted rate, stay tuned for details.


Eos said...

That's a wonderful bio! I've never met you but it makes me want to have you take my picture:)

Dallas said...

Wow, what an awesome compliment. Thank you very much, Eos. If you're ever in Montreal or Toronto, get in touch and I'd love to do a portrait for you :)

Anonymous said...

um, is that a dude on the left? man hands much

Dallas said...

Ha ha nope, it's a lady. It's probably just unflattering lighting. I, on the other hand, ALWAYS have man hands in photos (and possibly in real life..?)