28 April 2010

montreal shopping: rokokonut par kitsch 'n swell

Photobucket Here I am drooling over accessories at Rokokonut, a brand new store on Montreal's Rue St-Laurent. This store is so amazing, and so new it doesn't even have a website yet. You can check out the site of its parent store Kitsch 'n Swell if you really want to, but I'd suggest reading this review by Apartment Therapy instead.

So come to Montreal, venture into this '60s boudoir, and see for yourself. Tacky chic jewellery, vintage corsets, depression glassware, bedazzled pasties, and many a fringed lantern await you.


N.B.A said...

i'd faint in that store...looks fun !

Sarade said...

It's so fun to hunt around in overly crowded little shops full of colorful treasures everywhere you look!

N.B.A said...

thanks for following !
so happy , i tried all day to remember that mascara serum .... now i have the name again !!

Ema Cuthbertson said...

I love the look of that shop, i would spent ages in there plus spend lots of money.
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