15 June 2010

look up

Photobucket Chances are, if you catch me during the day, I'm staring at my computer screen, through my camera's lens, at the tv, or at some girl's awesome outfit on the metro. My eyes are always fixed on something straight ahead.

Now I'm a city girl at heart, and have grown accustomed to being surrounded by all sorts of great buildings and neighbourhoods here in Montreal, but this city is fairly low (with most buildings in my 'hood not exceeding 4 storeys) and I'm always gaping at my surroundings.

One of the countless things I love about New York is that it encourages a visitor to constantly look up.

I forget about trying to look like a local, and walk purposefully on my path. I leave aloofness and looking cool to my fiancé (who is mistaken for a local in every city we visit). Subtlety is not my game, and my face is full of wonder as my gaze sweeps upwards, to the very tip of each building.




paiiige said...

oh! i think you will absoutely love this blog if you haven't seen it yet:


natalie said...

a good friend got me a birthday gift that reminds me of this post: