14 July 2010

Roxy Music inspired shoot with AXXE


When Stina from AXXE asked me if I thought I could replicate the look and feel of Roxy Music's Country Life album cover (above, photographed by Eric Boman) for the cover of AXXE's upcoming album, I had to take a few minutes to think about it.

I'd never before shot anything so slick, golden-toned, or so sexy.

I love a challenge, so I assured Stina that I'd find a way to achieve the effect they were looking for. After a lot of test shots and location scouting, I was confident we could do it.

On the day of the shoot, it was extremely hot and humid. I had to layer on the models' makeup very thick and reapply it many times. Even the normally indelible Smashbox cream liner was melting!

I was hoping for bright day, so the sun would cast a golden glow on the models' skin. What we got were sweltering, overcast conditions. Luckily, the models wouldn't be wearing heavy clothing! These girls were absolutely gorgeous, very patient, and even tolerant of the small audience that gathered to watch in the alley where we shot.

I fiddled with my white balance, enlisted the help of a gold reflector, and used a few of Lightroom's bells and whistles to get that perfect, bright, golden tone.

Here's the final product:



Thanks Stina, Douglas, Isabelle and Kyla for a wonderful experience. You guys were just a blast to work with.

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Sorry but that is pretty terrible.