30 August 2010

to the beach!

Hanging out at the beach with my family and Brian is so much fun and so relaxing, it feels like I'm dreaming. Things have been so crazy lately that I almost have forgotten how to chill out.

Last week, I was streaming an absolutely incredible, life-changing, fascinating, whirlwind of a wedding photography course, live! This 5-day wedding photography course with Jasmine Star was so energizing and inspiring. Jasmine spent 5 days teaching her students and online viewers all about the wedding photography industry and about building a photography business. Most impressively, she and her husband (and second shooter) shot a real wedding while teaching us about the whole process, and being filmed and streamed live!

I've been travelling so I have yet to finish the course, but I downloaded the whole thing yesterday and can barely contain myself I'm so excited to watch the rest. If you are even mildly interested in wedding photography, or becoming any kind of professional photographer, I would highly recommend downloading the course for a unique, engaging learning experience.

But now, I'm heading back to the beach...

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