02 September 2010

engaged | jonina & jeremy

It began with a casual observation: "Your redheaded cousins are hot."

Jeremy had seen photos of Jonina and her sister pop up his friend Jen's facebook albums and was intrigued by their beauty. Luckily, one of those two redheads was single and — Jen suddenly realized — would actually be a great match with Jeremy.

She decided her friend and her cousin had to meet. After telling Jonina all about him, Jen invited the two of them to a party.

From the moment they met, it felt so comfortable. The conversation was effortless, and they talked for the entire duration of the party. It helped that they'd both hounded Jen for information about the other before meeting, but they were so curious to learn more about each other, and they both instantly knew something really awesome was beginning.

Six months later, Jeremy proposed to Jonina with a beautiful citrine ring. She accepted, and we all first saw the news the same way Jeremy had first seen Jonina, though a photo of a blissfully happy Jonina, on Facebook.

Although many people have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, there's something to be said for the wonderful way it enables us to express ourselves, meet people, and share facets of our lives in a common stream. Connections are made, and news shared in large part through the photography that illustrates our stories on this channel.

These two have such a cool chemistry, and an awesome bond. Jonina just shines around Jer, and he is ebullient and constantly grinning beside her.

Jonina and Jeremy, I had so much fun doing your engagement photos and I can't wait to photograph your wedding next spring. All my love to the two of you.

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