27 September 2010

on the couch

I'm home sick today, lying in a comatose-like state on the couch, where I've been for the better part of 3 days in the same sweatpants. That's right - I haven't even changed my clothes.

Don't you hate it when the worst colds come out of nowhere? Even worse is when colds seem to arrive during the busiest weeks of life. I've been knocked off my feet, but in a weird way it seems like this was necessary.

I've just finished up edits on a few events I've been doing, and am looking forward to posting those images over the next few days.

In other news, I bought two new lenses this summer. This Canon 85mm prime lens, though by no means a pro-level lens, is the best I've got, and is my new favourite toy. It helps me take really dreamy images like this:


and blurs out backgrounds beautifully like this:

One day I'll be able to afford the lens, which is about 4 times the price of this one, but until that day, I am so happy to have this one.

And now, I'm heading back to the couch!

1 comment:

Sydney said...

The couch is my sanctuary when I'm sick. I hope you feel better! And your pictures are lovely!