02 October 2010

merci, summer 2010

It's starting to get chilly here in Montreal! Fall is particularly spectacular in this city, but I am always too busy gulping back apple cider and shopping at craft sales to remind myself to take enough photos of the city as it changes to red and gold.

I'm going to be embarking on a huge photo project for work (fingers crossed) over the next few months, so I'll have my camera permanently glued to me to document the gorgeous change of season here.

This spring/summer was one of the best in recent memory. Between travelling, wedding planning, taking thousands of photos, and just enjoying this awesome city, there's been a lot of great things happening, and I have to remind myself to take moments to glue all those moments a bit more firmly into my memory. As a final goodbye to summer 2010, here are a few photos from my vacation this August.


Sydney said...

Oh these pictures are beautiful! Especially the one of the butterfly and with the sign... who knew there was a perfect place to skip rocks??
You have a beautiful blog!

Dallas said...

Hey Sydney! Thanks a bunch. Really happy to have you as a reader :)