11 September 2010

a willow tree and two of my beautiful cousins

Long before I had my DLSR and clients, I had my mom's old Nikon camera and my family members. I've been talking my cousins into posing for me for as long as I can remember.

Over the last few years, I've had this thing about photographing my cousins by the willow tree at their cottage. I guess it's part of my obsession to document time and change, and it's partly a way of keeping a memory of the little time I get to spend with them.

Deanna is 16 and so carefree and vivacious. Her smile about 1000 watts, and her laugh is contagious. My youngest cousin, she has been asking me since she was a teeny little kid if she could be my flower girl one day. Next spring, just after her 17th birthday, she'll be walking down the aisle ahead of me.

Elise is 21, an accomplished dancer, and a girl so smart she would be majoring in about 6 programs at Western (my alma mater) if they'd let her. She may look serene, but she is constantly buzzing with energy and her ambition is pretty much coming out of her pores. Also, she has the best hair in the world.

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