14 October 2010

bold colours, warm blankets

Something happened yesterday that slowed everything down.

I was in the middle of a singing lesson with F, my 12-year-old student. I try to show her a few videos on YouTube each class, to give her some fun examples of whichever genre or artist I'm teaching her about that day.

Anyways, we were sitting cross-legged on the floor, watching Comme des Enfants by Coeur de Pirate when my friend Sara came out into the room carrying a big, red fleece blanked.

"She loves when stuff just comes out of the dryer," Sara explained as she tossed the blanket over F's shoulders.

F gleefully snuggled it around herself, then pulled the blanked over my back. The warmth of it embraced me while the clean laundry scent filled my nose. We just sat there watching the video (that was filmed in our neighbourhood) all cozy and quiet.

I felt entirely present in the moment, and I never wanted it to end.

Last weekend, when I was home for Thanksgiving, Brian patiently walked both of my family's rambunctious dogs for me as I wandered clumsily around the woods, snapping photos of the saturated colours and gorgeous light.

The silence of the forest is like a salve for a city girl's harried spirits. I just stood there, perfectly still and wanted time to follow my lead.

I use my camera so I never forget moments (or colours) like these. When I don't have my camera, I mentally snap off pieces of time and file them away for the darkest moments in the cold of winter.

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Beautiful photos. Absolutely beautiful. I love the branches on that tree - they almost look like a blue tint to the leaves.