26 October 2010

october odds and ends

Montreal is full of cool things. Here were some of my favourites this month:

Antique vignette portraits at Style LABO, an awesome store full of wonderful (if pricey) treasures on Rue Bernard in Montreal's Mile End neighbourhood.

Having breakfast at La Croissanterie Figaro, which has (you guessed it) the city's best croissants and an atmosphere akin to the best Parisian cafés.

Puces Pop, a semi-annual pop-up market that's packed with arts, crafts, and food. It's held in the basement of a Polish church, so you can always count on grabbing some perogies or cabbage rolls to fuel your shopping. This year there was a bakery from Brooklyn visiting and they were selling fantastic mini cupcakes, such as the bacon cinnamon (hells yeah) variety below.

Just walking the streets of my neighbourhood in the fall has gotta be one of the purest forms of pleasure. The colours are so bright, everything smells amazing, and the people watching is world-class.

I love when it's the end of the warm season and multiple layers of ivy have covered the walls of many buildings in the city.

You can't beat the moody skies of October.

Hot chocolate on a crisp, cool day is heavenly.

And, there is nothing like stocking up on new reading material at one of the many fall book fairs in the city.

After being super busy and out of town for half of the past month, I'm looking forward to having a slightly more low key November, curled up with all the books, hot chocolate and cozy fall outfits a girl could ask for.

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Amanda DiPaq [Not A Model] said...

Lovely photos! That cafe is gorgeous. You make me want to go back to Montreal, and explore the city as an adult. The last time I went I was 18 years old, and it was New Years Eve. Enough said!