15 November 2010

sara's shampain-inspired session

When people come to me with inspiration colours, images, videos, or full-on concepts for their upcoming photo sessions, I generally jump up and down and/or squeal.

I love when people come to me with ideas. The more ideas a person brings to a photo session, the more invested he or she is in setting the scene. When a person tells me about personal interests, latest obsessions, or favourite places and things, it informs the way I shoot their photos and allows me to better tailor the photos to be an ideal fit for, and reflection of that person. For this reason, I often ask clients to send me inspiration images before we decide on a location for a shoot.

Sara is really into Marina and the Diamonds these days, and is especially into her videos. When she told me she wanted to base her photo session on Marina's Shampain video (you can watch it below), I nearly hyperventilated. The aesthetic is killer. The makeup was fabulous, and I was pretty sure I already owned all of the clothing items we would need.

We picked a date, a location, and got ready to go. These screen shots were our starting point:

And, of course, the video:

We couldn't get our hands on a smoke machine, so I added some digital smoke just for fun!

The cheesy smoke surfaces again!

Sara recently moved into a new place, and her beloved book collection definitely dominates its decor, so we decided to do the second half of her photo session amongst her towers of books.

Sara, you are so freakin' gorgeous! Thank you for being brave enough to spin around in the darkness, in the cold, in a park, wearing only a slip.


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Jordanna said...

Stunning photos and stunning model. Sara + Dallas = magic.

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Farah said...

WOW! fabulous!!!

Alex said...

These are awesome!!!! Love it!