20 November 2010

l'hiver est arrivé

My Saturday morning routine consists of drinking lemon water (the surest way to a clean start after a few Friday night drinks) and browsing all my favourite photography, makeup, design and wedding blogs (which I don't always have time for during the week) while Brian sleeps for a few extra hours.

This morning I can hear a strange creaking noise, almost like old floor boards or squeaky door hinges, but much louder. Finally I realize that it's the great big maple tree that wraps around our balcony being blown by the furious wind. I can tell by watching it sway wildly in front of the brilliant blue sky that today is the first day of winter in Montreal.

When newcomers to Montreal ask me how terrible the winters are (because they already know they aren't gentle) I tell them the truth, but I also tell them the best thing I've realized after four winters here: this city is built for winter!

You can get almost anywhere you need to go underground, via the metro or underground walkways (downtown); many bars are equipped with fireplaces; cafés, tea shops and hot chocolate houses punctuate each block; also, as the mercury drops, cocktails are served noticeably stronger, or at least ordered more often. Most importantly, in Montreal, people's lives are not frozen by winter. The city seems to grow still more vibrant. We may be cold, but hibernating is not an option.

For the arrival of winter this year, I'm piling on the layers and heading to watch the Santa Claus parade, then baking cupcakes for Cupcake Camp Montreal before a night of food and wine for my best friend's birthday.

Winter, welcome to the city!

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Alex said...

I like that you look on the bright side of winter :)