06 November 2010

time capsule camera

An old disposable camera has been sitting in one of my drawers for about, oh, 6 years.

I see it when I'm looking for my passport, my checkbook, or when I'm digging through my pile of old movie ticket stubs. All this time I've been ignoring that poor camera, it's been holding really great memories. I finally got it developed yesterday and was taken aback by the haunting quality of the images. Disposable cameras, carefully (er, unintentionally) aged for a few years, really create a cool look and feel.

I guess I must have taken the camera with me to several different places, as it holds photos taken in London and Stratford, Ontario, at my cottage, and also in Montreal - all on one roll of film! Developing these photos was like opening a time capsule.

When I still shot in film, my mom and I used to drop off our rolls of film, do the grocery shopping, then pick up the prints and pretty much rip open the envelopes while looking at the photos on a bench in the grocery store. Now, I'm so accustomed to the instant gratification of digital cameras, that even resisting the urge to look at my LCD screen after I snap a shot feels like waiting forever.

Now I want to buy a few more cameras and purposely "age" them for a few years so I can travel back in time again and again.

This is Brian around the time that we first started going out. We drove to Stratford - a small town near London, Ontario - to get away from the buzz of undergrad life for an afternoon.

The Avon River in Stratford.

My roommate, Gill, outside the house we shared with 5 other friends in London.

My dog, Shelby, and (I think) my brothers at my cottage.

The view from our first apartment in Montreal.


simonalisa said...

hey dallas,

you can get similar shots like these using a lomography camera. they're pretty neat and just opened up a store in toronto.
check them out at:

hope all is well!

Dallas said...

Simone! Wow, so nice to hear from you :) I'm definitely going to check out lomography cameras. I actually have some lomography lenses with an adapter for my SLR, but I haven't played around with them that much yet. You've inspired me to do so.

Also, I'm following your blog now.