23 November 2010

wedding planning: attire

There are now less than six months until our wedding. I cannot believe how quickly these last few months have flown by. My days have been filled with work, more work, overtime work, photo shoots, night school, writing a business plan, late night tv watching, makeup experimenting, baking, exercising, drinks and dinners with friends and, oh, wedding planning.

In stark contrast to what the special people on TLC and Slice wedding programming would have you believe, planning a wedding does not have to A) take over your life, B) be filled with agonizing decision processes, or C) destroy your relationship with the one you love.

I think one of the reasons stress arises is due to indecisiveness. When people actually consider their wedding day to be the best day of their lives, they dwell on each and every decision and torture themselves with all the different possibilities. People, if your wedding is the best day of your life, what comes after that day? Is it all downhill after that? It will be an incredible day, but it's also the beginning of something totally new, not the pinnacle of your life after which everything will pale in comparison. Come on!

If I hear one more woman refer to herself as a princess or utter the phrase, "it's MY day," I'm going to snap. Or, you know, just change the channel.

We have six months until our wedding and almost everything is... well, done. Since I last wrote about this, we've booked a band, our officiant, and my makeup artist (yay). Today I met with a jeweler for a custom ring consultation, and Brian and his guys will go meet with some tailors this weekend to see about custom-made suits. We've been slowly but surely crossing things off the giant to-do list, and I'm feeling pretty good!

My philosophy (and the one that's been keeping me sane) is to just enjoy the planning process by doing a lot of research, then being decisive once something seems good. Although the day will undoubtedly be incredible and wonderful, I know there will a whole life ahead of me to which I can look forward afterward!

So, decisiveness: I could have gone dress shopping for months and tried on dozens of dresses, but I was thrilled when I found the perfect dress(es) 6 months ago, so I made decisions and stuck with them.

But, just for fun, here are the images (out of the million on my computer) that have inspired my style for the day.

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Amanda DiPaq [Not A Model] said...

Great post.

I admire and respect your view on weddings. Popular culture portrays women as crazy, selfish, superficial airheads when it comes to their wedding day. It is more than just 'one day' and the women who recognize that will probably be happier in the long run.

Beautiful photos! I hope you blog about your wedding and include photos.