21 February 2011

warm fuzzies + a snowy saturday

As you might have been able to tell from my last post, I have been pretty close to hitting a wall over the past few weeks. Even at the best of times, there's just so much to do. When I feel SO strongly about what you want to be doing most, everything else I have to do seems to pile up like blocks in a bad round of Tetris.

Fortunately, 3 things happened this week that made me feel a lot better.

1. I received several extremely thoughtful and touching emails in response to my last post. To those of you who wrote to me, thank you so much. Your words make me feel warm and fuzzy and, most of all, hopeful and supported.

2. I spent this Saturday at TEDxConcordia with my friend Deanna (pictured in the photo above). It was lovely and sunny out, with a beautiful dusting of sparkly snow on the ground. The conference was packed to the brim with energetic, approachable, fascinating people and inspiring ideas. The talks themselves were all amazing. As with most TED talks, they should be posted online, so you'll be able to watch them some time in the near future.

3. Brian and I went to see the carvings of our wedding rings before they are cast in gold (mine in rose gold; his in yellow) this week. He also bought his wedding suit! We're now working on planning the honeymoon. We've booked a convertible for our California road trip, so we're off to a good start!

So this week, instead of worrying about everything I'm not doing and how that makes me feel stretched and inadequate, I'm focusing on the things that I'm doing that make me feel great. One week at a time, folks.

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