12 April 2011

old montreal engagement | ria + don

"I'm the crazy-scrambly-late one and he's the shirts-folded-up-and-laid-out-the-night-before one," Ria joked she as she explained how she and her fiancé, Don, prepared for their engagement photo session.

"I guess that can be said of our relationship in general, though."

It's this balance the scattered and calculated, the silly and the serious that create such a lovely harmony between these two. Her effervescence is met by his quiet charisma, and when she feels she's acting the goofiest, that's when he's smiling the widest.

Ria and Don met at the University of Alberta, where they were both studying at the time.

"He was much older than me, but no, he wasn't my TA if that's what you're wondering," Ria joked.

It was in fact their shared passion for science that brought them to the same lab, where they met. Don't you love stories of people finding love while doing what they love? That's the best way, I think.

They're both still doing what they're truly passionate about; Ria's doing her PhD in Biology in Montreal and spending summers doing field research in Uganda, and Don is a postdoctoral medical researcher in Boston.

So now they're not only becoming experts in their fields, but also in cross-border travel. The roads, train tracks and air space between their two cities are becoming very familiar as they traverse towards each other as often as possible.

Ria and Don, thank you for inviting me to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon with you. I had an absolute blast taking your photos and witnessing your adorable antics in Old Montreal.

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