31 May 2011

wedding | the lead up

I'm back in Montreal after the most wonderful honeymoon a person (or two people, in love) could possibly hope for. We drove all around the state of California, and I snapped about 2000 photos along the way. I have so much to show you, but before I get to that, I'd like to back up a bit and talk about the last few weeks before our wedding. We'll roll back the clock to about a month ago.

In mid-April, we went home for Easter weekend. Winter lingered way too long this year, so I was really happy to see that everything was starting to turn pretty and green.

We went for long walks in the woods to clear our heads.

We lagged behind the runners.

 Then my friends and family threw me the most beautiful bridal shower. Please excuse how awkward I look in the photo below. It's weird sitting on a chair in the centre of a room!

I got to hang out with my mom!

It was so nice to spend time with friends who I don't get to see as often as I'd like to, such as these girls:

And there were lots of cupcakes

 Then there was a lazy Sunday with board games

and more walks in the woods

 and then, when we got back to Montreal, our friends there dreamed up the most amazing stag/ette ever. They decorated the lawn in flamingos (since I adore them in both real and tacky synthetic forms).
Such a whirlwind of events! Thanks again to everyone. I love you guys.

Up next: final wedding preparations and rehearsal dinner

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