02 June 2011

wedding | final prep + rehearsal

In the final weeks before our wedding, Brian and I did not get a great deal of sleep. More excited than stressed, we scrambled to take care of all the final details. We weren't taking ourselves too seriously or allowing a wedding to cause us any drama, but we wanted to ensure that we threw one hell of a party.

I am terrible at delegation, but our friends and family refused to take "we're fine" for an answer and insisted on helping. We were extremely grateful for their insistence! While my parents and their friends were buying boxes of vases at farm auctions, building the photo booth, and wrapping jars in lace to create candle holders, some of our friends in Montreal were hand-crafting flowers from tissue paper.

After every last flower, ribbon, and candle had been packed, it was time to start packing for our honeymoon.

Two days before our wedding, our family and wedding party met for an amazing meal at Terroni after our rehearsal at the venue.

Me with my lovely bridesmaids [I really should have worn heels with this outfit, I know]

The groomsmen + my dad - Adam (who was still in NYC at this time)

Deanna and Elise, our flower girl and ring bearer.

Parents of the groom

My parents

Dave and Christina, awesome friends and unofficial wedding party members

Jessica, Carolyn, and Roz

Me and Brian

Then we all headed back to our homes and hotels to get some rest before the big day

Next up: getting ready

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