10 July 2011

california honeymoon | orange county

The day after our wedding, we headed up to my new family-in-law's house and were met by an absolutely gorgeous double rainbow. What an amazing start to our honeymoon. We spent the day relaxing and packing and just kind of reeling from the actual wedding day's festivities and emotions.

The next morning, Brian's parents kindly got up with us at 5 am to drive us to the airport. We were bound for California!

After landing at LAX, we picked up our rental car at the airport and drove to Laguna Beach in Orange County. The drive in was absolutely spectacular, all blue skies and rolling hills.

We stayed at a great place in Laguna. The hotel itself was nothing fancy but the view was absolutely unbeatable.

The houses on the Laguna Hills were all pastel and glass.

The light was golden and warm.

And the beach was beautiful.

I was enchanted by a lot of the architectural details. Everything was sun bleached and windblown.

Looking out over the water, we felt so relaxed.

Lots of walks along the beach. It was surprisingly quite cold there!

The air in Laguna smelled so fresh. It was heavy with salty air and jasmine flowers.

Our three days in Orange County were an awesome start to the honeymoon. We ate lots of amazing meals, drank giant smoothies for breakfast and lots of wine with dinner. I attended Jasmine Star's workshop, and we went to Disneyland. On day four, we headed up through LA, the San Fernando Valley, and then straight up north through the San Joaquin Valley, making brief stops in Bakersfield and Fresno.

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Anne trueman said...

Beautiful pictures and contests. All the kids are growing up!
Anne trueman