04 October 2005

It's 3 a.m.

...but that might as well be 3p.m. when you're in university. Somehow, I have trained myself to completely ignore fatigue. It's a great skill we students aquire. I am preoccupied with trying to figure out what I would like (love) to do next year. Nothing feels right yet and I'm very, very frustrated. So far my dream options are:

-Grad school
-Career as a famous jazz singer
-Travel/culture journalism
-Culinary school/beauty school
-Ice cream flavour designer

I am not sure about any of this. I'm sleepy. I am also open to suggestions...anyone?


Anonymous said...

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invitationinside said...

don't worry dallas, you will figure it all out soon. you are a renaissance woman and i think could almost do anything. keep your dreams alive and follow your heart soon you will find your destination -love mel

j'tan said...

Jonny's Ball 'o' Crystal says:

You will travel from nook to cranny, singing internationally-renowned shows, and documenting each culture's most treasured secrets like pagan sex rituals and exotic curries. Ethnic foods inspire your crazy ice-cream ideas, and you develop Ben & Jerry's Mutton-Mangosteen Madness, which takes the world by storm. The royalties start pouring in like so much half-and-half cream, and suddenly, you're the rich philanthropist you had always dreamed. You tote some textbooks about make-up artistry in your backpack, and have plans for competing against the recently-out-of-retirement Rokusaburo Michiba from the greatest show on earth: Iron Chef. He is now 103 years old, and still relies heavily on sea urchin roe and foie gras for flavouring.

The end.



P.S. Be a singer.

Mark P said...

Where is "professional website updater"?

Thomas said...

Clearly ice cream flavour designer

tom naka said...

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eano said...

ice dream designing philathropic journalist.

your job of could be to go around to foreign nations writting about the socioeconomic and political benefits that developing nations could use through the integration of chunky monkey and vanilla swirl into world leader diets.

its a thought.

that or you could work for the penis pills guy who commented above.

dallas said...

well, it appears I may be able to combine a few of these ambitions after all. thanks for the ideas guys :) And who ARE these strange companies and adbots infiltrating my blog?

Dee said...

Wierd, I'm going through the same "1/4 life crisis" - Debating the next step. Its a scary world out this campus!

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