16 October 2005

release valve for the overworked student

As you might have guessed from my last post, I've been feeling a little stressed. A million decisions to make, papers to hand in, future planning to consider and the unrelenting speed at which the days pass by: all of these factors have left me feeling frustrated and/or exhausted. It was time to remember that I am still a university student, and that I go to Western...

The answer should have come to me earlier, but I was so uncharacteristically caught up in stress that I overlooked one of the most wonderful, tested-and-true de-stress methods known to humankind:

Grab your friends and have a good, old-fashioned weekend of full out partying!
This week, I present to you:

Springasaurus Break -A hybrid theme created by Brian and Adam who had each chosen different themes when inviting friends (namely "dinosaurs" and "spring break!").

This party put any other party to shame. In a quiet, residential neighbourhood far outside the student ghetto, the epic festivities began. We all love eachother and decided last night was the perfect night to express our affection. Here's what happened...

Image hosted by
my dino crown

Image hosted by
and so it began

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

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Now we will all be wearing turtlenecks to class. The forecast says it should be a crisp, autumn week so that shouldn't be a problem. Does anyone even have turtlenecks anymore?

And this was, literally, just a taste. If any wants more of the photos from last night, just ask. I've caught you all on film.

It is easy to get caught up in the rush and the pressure in the higher-learning environment. I am so grateful to my friends for helping me remember how to have a great, great time.

Now, back to work...


alex said...

my neck hurts. i tried makeup-ing it, but i think that it now just looks like a bunch of hickeys covered in makeup.

woe is me.
(and you.)
(and everyone else at the ridout revival on saturday.)

wooo, send pictures!

dallas said...

yeah that was truly ridiculous. I think you got it the worst, or gave them the worst...? not sure.

Great music that night too

Gillian Edworthy said...

saturday was definitly out of control - but by far one of the funniest nights yet this year...
and alex you most definitly gave hickies the worst... haha my neck hurt so much! haha,

good times, good times...


syl said...

hahaha i'm so so sorry i missed out on the festivities

b said...

the last picture is my favourite ever.

dallas said...

that one just shows the extent of the night: you in Alex's shirt (your 4th outfit), clutching a sword taht you ripped off a stolen knight, hugging your housemate in pure, childlike joy.

And don't worry Syl, more to come, more to come.

Bangalwyne said...

hi Dallas,great blog you've created here i love it,if you've got time check out my blog, thanks saa nusu

Bangalwyne said...

hi Dallas,great blog you've created here i love it,if you've got time check out my blog, thanks saa nusu

Jennie said...

Someone asked me today who punched me in the neck. I think they were serious.

boucher said...

what ridiculous looking time. i demand it be repeated but in a better way so i may attend :)
i felt in good company this week with all you hickey'd up fools. i got 3 on friday night while innocently getting drunk in the ceeps. what is that??

dont you wish the ridout really was still around?