09 November 2005

dallas and the blustery day

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The wind and rain were so so strong on my window this morning that they gave me a nightmare that included Blythe Danner, a ghost's shadow and an electrecuting door. Sheesh, you'd think my subconscious would take it easy on me, but it just had to give Gwyneth's mom a cameo. Anyways...

Still lots of leaves around here to fall in, throw, admire. Brian and I kicked a lot of them last night on the way home from Molly's. They're even starting to fall on the eternally foliage'd magnolia tree outside my house. I don't mind though. It's gotta happen and fall at Western is incomparable.

I find it ironic that I haven't posted cause anything I think about writing seems too self-indulgent and more suitable for a journal...and then I go and be a blogger with this pic.

I'm off to Montreal tomorrow. We're going for an adventure, and also for the future. That's right, I am meeting with some faculty members at Mcgill and Concordia universities to begin the process of researching, applying to grad school. And yet, it's only November of 4th year.

Auditioned for a show tonight after setting up a photo show for looks very pretty. This program is stocked with talented people, and this year especially I have noticed how surrounded I am by brilliant, savvy people. It makes a girl feel pretty lucky.

I miss Tanzania a lot. It's funny but all the gorgeous African music I was surrounded by this summer still hums in my mind. Swahili swims through my dreams and I don't forget a single face or name of a the people I was lucky enough to meet there. The first and third world are different places, as we learn in class and see on the news. I have been dipped in two extremes and I'm not sure which one I'm more comfortable with. If any of you have any chance to do any travelling, get out there.

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This pic is from Halloween. I think it's best that I only include one, ambiguous photo and let that speak for the festivities. What an incredible time: from superheroes to pirates to hurricanes to hot cops, this Halloween will not be forgetten.

Have a nice, windy weekend everyone.


thegeneralx said...

You take really nice pictures!

Erin said...

You know what's odd? I saw the photo at top and thought it was quite Patrow-esque, and then read the first paragraph and there it was...mention of Blythe Danner and Gwenyth. Weird?

Glad to hear all is well, Dallas.

Jennie said...

In a way, you brought Africa back with you and we are all thankful for that.

G. Jonathan Birinyi said...

Tanzania misses you too. Looking forward to meeting up when I return!!!

Best of luck in Montreal with the grad applications.

Jana, nimepoteza funguo la mlango nje. Nilepanda dalladalla kwa Kivulini kuenda nyumbani yangu!

Man...dont know if that makes any sense...


Rozlyn Burns said...

Hey Dallas, Gimme a call when you get bcak from Montreal, I want to hear about everything! We got back from NY last week and I will be posting some cool pics, so keep checkin' my wee blog! Whenever you are gonna be in Owen Sound, let us know and we will all take a trip ip to see you ok?! Miss you lots. Hi Brian!

toodles for now

Burns said...

ACTUALLY.. this is my blog HAHAH stupid-weird-login-mix-up, oh well.

dallas said...

well sepia tone is the height of semi-pretentious self-portraits...but I'm a sucker for the tones nevertheless. I used to really like Gwyneth's ma. I wanted to visit her for thanksgiving...but now she's a creepy motel owner that tried to kill me, so I've given up on her. Roz I want to hear all about nyc. Linny's pics were gorgeous. To thegeneralx: thanks! And as for Travels, who knows where to next?