27 January 2006

forgive me

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Forgive me for my absence. Also, forgive me for the above awkward pose.

That's right, yours truly, good old squished-face is in a production. Now that these ridiculous posters are all over campus compliments of J. Antonio Tan, I'm reminded that I better learn my songs and dances, cause the show is fast approaching. If only I hadn't worn too-low jeans to rehearsal, and consequently spent the whole night holding them up instead of dancing....maybe then I would know the choreography.

I'm so close to applying for grad school. 2 more days and they'll be sent off. I'm hoping at that point the daunting, condescending, figure-out-your-future-idiot cloud above my head will dissipate.

brb (tomorrow)


Erin said...

so today as i sat in my pajamas at 7 p.m. eating pizza in my mom's kitchen, my sister begins chattering on and on about this "FaceBook" site which I've never heard of. She then shows me all her of "friends", and who do I see but you, Dallas...

Way to be internet friends with my sister!!! haha.

that's a lovely picture of you, by the way. i'm sure the show will be fantastic, i'd love to see it!

take care...erin

syl said...

that pic isn't as awkward as you think!! :)

good luck on grad apps.