15 March 2008

attacking the fat

Nearing the end of a long and calorie-laden winter, there are few feelings more exciting for a woman, than the the feeling of one's butt receding in size.

This coveted feeling only comes, unfortunately, from some serious spring work-outs.

My friend Karen, renaissance woman extraordinaire, is training to teach a new fitness class at Goodlife Gyms called "Body Attack." She summed it up to me as "boot camp at the Olympic athlete level." So, when she asked if I would be willing to take the class while she practiced teaching it, I decided to step up to the challenge.

Sweet moonlit night, no class I have ever taken could have prepared me for her class. Even my first spinning class, when I thought the name came from the sensation of seeing stars spin around my head as I almost fainted, did not compare to "Body Attack." We kicked, jumped, punched, ran, did many a jumping jack and more push-ups than I have ever done in the sum of my life. Karen did all the moves with ease, and wasn't even out of breath while confidently yelling out the instructions.

You know those infomercials for fitness videos and bizarre hand weights, wherein everyone has 300-esque abs and terrible tans? No one actually believe that a lame fitness dance could melt off the pounds in such a manner. I watch those infomercials to laugh at the high-cut spandex, but I have never put stock in the fact that flailing one's limbs would give results. I do classes at my gym, not because I feel I get a fantastic workout, but because I enjoy working out and it forces me to leave my desk during the day. Unless I'm doing weight training and running or swimming, I never expect dramatic changes in my body.

After Karen's class, I stand corrected. She told me that "Body Attack" really does reshape the body. She is solid proof of that. A few years ago, she decided to give the classes a try.  The workout, combined with healthier eating, helped her lose a substantial amount of weight. Now she is teaching the damn class! And this is on top of having a very intense, successful career. She is truly an inspiration to those of us who have trouble breaking our bad habits and never reaching the level of fitness to which we aspire.

Inspired by Karen,  I feel like fitness (and a more impressive derriere) is slowly becoming an attainable goal.

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Jess said...

I'm excited to try her class when I'm back in April...bring on the pain. (Haha)