30 September 2008

leaves, not lattes = fall

While sitting in a coffee shop the other day, I watched the seasons change before my eyes. I was absentmindedly chewing on a cookie when two employees came and switched the posters in the window beside me. And just like that, we went from the summer's strawberry chillers to autumn's pumpkin spice latte. Forget solstices, we're now marking the seasons with the changing flavours of sugary beverages.

My new neighbourhood is charmingly European in many ways, and on good days I don't mind schlepping between its bakeries, butchers, cheese markets, chocolate shops, and fruit&veggie stands to collect my groceries in a step-by-step manner. But when I'm hungry and all I want is a President's Choice thingamajig, a one-stop-shop is not easy to find. Today for example, I tried to find the makings for a meal in the Fruit & Veggie store. Before I knew it I was lugging home a 10 pound bag of beets, with the best of intentions to make a mother load of borscht.

During the walk home, carrying my burden (and feeling my cheeks redden to match the beets when many a person stared at the huge bag), I felt the crunch of leaves under my feet, and wholeheartedly embraced fall, without the chiding of any $4 latte thankyouverymuch!

These photos — the first of a series of that will inevitably have a leaf motif — are of Carolyn, Brian's sister.


Leslie said...

love them all! What a beautiful woman. such lovely creative shots

Anonymous said...

She looks a lot like Elisha Cuthbert,especially in the third pic.

You are a lovely photographer.

Dallas said...

Thank you. Yes. Carolyn is a gorgeous lady :)

Carolyn Fauteux said...

This is the first time I have seen this, I love it Dallas!
You are an unreal photographer and bring out the best in everyone you work with.

Thanks again :)