05 October 2008

a weekend of contrasts

Friday: Book launch for my friend Daniel's novel, Shuck.

From the publisher: "Shuck is the intense, dazzling diary of Jaeven Marshall, a quasi-homeless hustler who seeks his fame and fortune in New York, where he tries to manage his reputation as the city''s porn star du jour when he''s not dumpster diving, tweaking, or trying to get published. "
Saturday: Did a gig doing photography to be used in—get this—a Chinese infomercial for wrinkle cream. I was hired to do the "after" photos. The "before" photos will have wrinkles and dark circles digitally added in by the company who hired me. Everyone knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that cosmetics and skin care ads are totally bogus, but here is proof. I always figured the raw images were just photoshopped to erase the natural contours, lines, and colouration of a face, but I never guessed that wrinkles and discolouration were added! Finding odd jobs on Craigslist has opened a door to an equally fascinating and frightening world.

I did a second shoot on Saturday on my own terms, with Chelsea, and I proudly present these photos, sans post-processing.

Today: Tonight I went to the first meeting of a reading club I just joined. The text du jour was a Chicago Public Radio broadcast called The Devil in Me, and was about peoples' attempts to exorcise their inner demons. If you're in the mood to think about vice, denial, and accountability, it's a recommended listen. I think this group will be good for my post grad school brain, and will perhaps help regenerate some of the brain cells I lost while streaming The Hills during my lunch over the last week.

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Jess said...

Chinese wrinkle cream?! Crazy! That's hilarious that they so blatantly mislead people with their ads.

Hooray for Daniel! I'm looking forward to reading the book!