10 February 2011

mcgill virtual tour

I'm so excited to announce that my biggest photo project to date, the McGill Virtual Campus Tour, just launched. I took over 4,000 photos (everything except residences and food services) of McGill's downtown campus' 70+ buildings. More photos will be added in the coming weeks, too.

I worked on this project with the most amazing people. It was so nice to be part of a project team that was so collaborative and creative. This is actually quite rare at large institutions, where new ideas often make people nervous, or are considered too risky.  Everyone involved in this project was full of enthusiasm, which made for an awesome working environment. A special thanks to Adriana for giving me the opportunity to do this and for taking a risk by trusting a lifestyle photographer to shoot architecture.

Here are a few quick screenshots of the tour, but please do take a look at the tour itself if you're interested.


Sam Burton said...

What a fabulous, fun project to be involved with, Dallas! Congrats!

Amanda DiPasquale [Not A Model] said...

Congrats Dallas! What an accomplishment! They look great.