07 February 2011

things i'm loving: pinterest

If you're at all interested in art, fashion, design, photography, or beauty, you have to check out my new obsession: Pinterest.

Falling in love with images online is a common occurrence for me, so I keep an inspiration folder on my desktop that I'm constantly filling with things I find gorgeous. But this folder gets messy and is hard to browse, you see?

When I discovered Pinterest, I was ecstatic to learn that I could bookmark or "pin" images while I browse blogs and other sites, and save them to "pinboards" organized by subject.

Once you apply to join Pinterest, you can install the bookmarklet in your browser. When you see something you like, you just hit "Pin it" and all the images on that site pop up. You pin the one you want, like so:

You assign this pin to a board, add a description and tags and pin it like this:

What's great about pinning is it preserves the link to the source of your image, for easy photo crediting or reference later.

You can also follow the boards of other users, or re-pin their pins to your own boards. Browsing through all your contacts' pins is like looking at a dynamic, evolving inspiration board. If you follow people with like interests and tastes, you'll find yourself discovering more beautiful things that you could ever come across alone. E.g.:

So far I'm using it to keep track of makeup and beauty ideas, wedding fashion and decor, style, decorating, and photos I find truly captivating. You can use it to save and organize pretty much anything, however, from recipes to potential dogs to adopt.

You can also login and link your Pinterest account to either your Facebook or Twitter handles, which saves time and allows you to share or tweet your finds with your friends and followers.

So, join up and follow me so I can follow your pin boards and see what you find beautiful or inspiring!


Anonymous said...

wow, I can make use of this too. All those inspirational images need a better home than my desktop...

Susan said...

I was wishing for something like this just the other day -- thanks!