07 June 2011

ottawa engagement | jennie + zach

The first time Jennie met Zach was actually the second time.

The first time, it was Halloween and he was dressed as a 70s cop, complete with a dirty faux mustache, skin-tight pants, and a pair of handcuffs he was twirling theatrically.

The second time they met, clean-shaven and wearing much looser pants, Zach re-introduced himself. After the recognition slowly kicked in, Jennie found herself looking into the eyes of someone with whom she planned to spend a lot more time.

The first time I met Zach, it was Halloween the following year. He arrived at our apartment dressed for the party as a Coureur-des-bois with Jennie by his side as a beaver. Even through all their Canadiana costume garb, I could see that they had fantastic chemistry. I saw that my best friend had met her match in a man whose love for costumes matched up perfectly with her knack for sewing them.

Since that night, Brian and I have spent just about every Halloween with these two. Zach has a flair for the dramatic and Jennie creates costumes more striking and impressive for him with each passing year.

Last Halloween, Zach had even more exciting plans. He placed the small box in his coat pocket and the two of them headed out with some friends to catch a screening of The Shining. After the movie, Zach suggested they take a stroll to Ottawa's Parliament Hill, where they'd shared their first kiss. Unfortunately, Jennie had had a bit too many refreshments during the movie and was in desperate need of a bathroom break. Reluctantly, Zach agreed to head home.

Once back in their apartment, it was Zach who couldn't hold it. As soon as Jennie stepped out of the bathroom, he dropped to one knee on their bedroom floor--amidst the laundry in the home they share together-- and asked her to marry him.

As a couple, they have an infectious positive energy and joy that enchants everyone who meets them. Jennie was one of the maids of honour in our wedding, and Zach was a groomsman, and they are two of my best friends in the world. I am so excited for their wedding next year!

Jennie and Zach, I love you both, and you knew that already, but I really loved taking your photos. I had so much fun with you in Cumberland Village, just as I do every time we hang out.


Question Mark said...

It is awesome, AWESOME that those Hot Cops outfits led to a marriage. Obvs, Jennie and Zach need to invite Will Arnett to the wedding.

Lovely pictures!

Leslie said...

Absolutely beautiful all!

CarolynFauteux said...

These photos look great, good job Dal!

Jessica said...

Beautiful photos!! They look so comfortable and happy. Gorgeous!