03 June 2011

wedding | getting ready

I couldn't sleep the last few days before our wedding. I had serious anxiety, the world's most unwelcome cold, I'd lost my voice, and--despite my euphoria--I was just feeling awful. The night before the big day, determined to grab at least one stretch of rest, I dosed myself up on Nyquil and was able to finally breathe and sleep.

The morning of the wedding, I woke up with the sun, turned on the hot water and gleefully dropped the bath bomb the girls had bought me into the tub. As I sank down into the heavily scented water, I coaxed my mind to wake up without spinning out of control. Was I ready for this?

When the water turned cool, I got dressed and tiptoed out of the bathroom. Sitting down at the desk, I grabbed the hotel stationary and attempted to start writing my speech. I scribbled down thank-yous, small thoughts and big feelings. I whispered it out loud to myself, glancing over my shoulder to make sure the girls (still asleep) didn't think I'd totally lost it. Hearing myself read it, I realized that it just sounded much too stiff. I decided the best thing to do would be to just wing it.Unfortunately, this decision did not make me feel any more ready for the big events ahead.

It was at this moment, however, when I finally came to terms with the fact that I was not ready. How could I be? It's not possible to be ready for something you've never done before. I've never been married, and I shouldn't know what this is supposed to feel like, or what to expect, and I shouldn't be ready. I should be brave, in spite of being nervous.

Around the time I finally told myself to shut up and just have fun, the other girls were waking up. I was as mentally ready as I was ever going to be, so it was time for us all to get glammed up!

After a quick breakfast, we headed over the the Aveda Institute to get our hair done.

As you can see below, it was extremely foggy in the morning. I love the fog, so I couldn't resist snapping a few photos on our walk.

Inside the Institute, we were in good hands. All the students, advanced graduates and instructors who worked on our hair were extremely talented and creative. They were more than happy to try any style the girls requested. Jennie even pulled a photo of her style up on her phone and her stylist just squinted at the screen, nodded, asked a few questions, and got started.

Nothing comes between a Scottish girl and her morning tea!

Once back at the hotel, my mom brought me the most special wedding gift: my great grandmother's pearls. Oh man, cue emotional surge!

Thanks, mom!

I had to keep the clips and tissue paper in my hair until the last minute to allow the style to set properly. After this, we all met up to do our makeup and make use of the amazing Temptu airbrush system my friend Kate gave me. Unfortunately, I don't have photos of that part of the day, since I was doing the makeup.

Meanwhile, the boys were getting ready in another part of town. My little brother Jeremy was nice enough to pop over and take a few pictures of them getting ready.

I was so impressed by their attention to detail. Look at Zach ironing his pocket square with military precision.

And yes, the groom even deigned to give one of our best men a neck shave.

Half-dressed, and possibly only half-awake.

And then it was off to the venue!

Next up: wedding day snapshots

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